Here are some examples of sites I’ve built and designed:

Wes Hazard

Wes wanted a sharp site and business cards, heavy on custom design and he had a pretty clear vision of what he wanted. Luckily he’s a great writer and was fabulous with describing what he wanted in a site and in branding.

Tools: WordPress, HTML/CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Photoshop, Illustrator


NDVis is software created by Visitrend. They needed a clean site and fast. Worked closely with the client to get them the look they wanted and the site to present information about the software simply but efficiently.

Tools: WordPress, HTML/CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Photoshop

Jade Sylvan

Jade wears many hats. She’s a performer, actress, poet, yoga instructor and then some. She wanted a site to reflect her creativity but at the same time be clean enough to navigate and present all the different things she does.

Tools: WordPress, HTML/CSS, PHP, Photoshop



Winn Brook Child Care

Winn Brook needed a site where students could be registered for the program. They wanted something fun and colorful.

Tools: WordPress, HTML/CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Photoshop



Kara Kupla

Kara just needed something simple and most importantly a blogging platform.

Tools: WordPress, HTML/CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Photoshop